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What’s a Shebeen?

Shebeens are an integral part of African township life. They cropped up in houses and makeshift shacks. Their décor came from everyday things around them – corrugated iron roofing, old advertising signs, bits of bicycles, bottle tops and cans. It made the customers feel at home.

Township folk ate and drank illegally and happily in congenial speakeasies with family and friends, their evenings enlivened by penny whistles, cheerful music and the occasional police raid.


Luckt Tsotsi Shebeen Bar Sydney


Lucky’s Story

Lucky grew up dreaming of owning his own Shebeen. He and brothers Fortunate and Goodwill searched and searched and as their names suggest they were lucky and fortunate (and with enough goodwill behind them) to find the right spot miles away from home in Sydney Australia.

And so the “Lucky Tsotsi” was born –  it seemed  there were enough people to make the shebeen a fun, happy place to enjoy time with friends and family and old fashioned African hospitality.


We have tried to recreate that atmosphere here. Minus the police raids, of course. So relax and enjoy a hint of vicarious lawlessness.

Lucky’s Food

Africans commute for hours every day, mostly on foot and along the way they pick up some Street Food for an easy meal or finish off a days’ work at the local shebeen. Lucky is recreating this for you. Our food is always a work in progress so we appreciate feedback and are open to any menu suggestions you may have picked up on your travels. Our food is meant to be shared so order a couple of dishes and commune with your friends!